Meditation (Seiku)

Within self, my self finds recourse. Neglect my self and to whom could I turn? Self is disciplined from within, the true and hard-earned recourse.

In doing evil, I contaminate myself. In not doing evil, I am pure. Purity and impurity come from within, and others cannot purify my heart.

Oath (Seigan)

In attaining this Art, we pledge to affirm the founders, to be honest with our teachers, to respect those ahead of us, to not disdain those behind us, to give as well as receive help, to cooperate, and to give ourselves to contributing to the Way.

We resolve to settle with our pasts and practice with purely focused hearts as if we were newly reborn into this world.

We pledge to train in this Art only to help people, never for personal reputation or profit.

Creed (Shinjo)

Mindful that our spirits come from Dharma and our bodies from our parents, we acknowledge our debts and express our gratitude by applying ourselves to the full.

We resolve to love these communities and these people, and through them to contribute to world peace and happiness.

We resolve to become men and women of true courage, who love justice, respect humanity, act with decorum and defend peace.

We strive toward constructing an ideal world by mastering the principles of this Art, strengthening ourselves mentally and physically, and sharing this purpose with others in mutual friendship, respect, and support.